SRCS to Resume School Monday, 9/18 

Please be advised we plan to resume school at SRCS on Monday, 9/18.    Preschool and Elementary Curriculum Night scheduled for Monday evening has been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date.  
We pray the school families and staff currently stranded in other parts of the country will be able to return safely to South Florida in the days to come.   We also hope power will be restored for everyone very soon.
Please stay safe.   We are praying we can all return to some normalcy on the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. However, we will keep an eye on the current challenges and will reassess the start date later this week.  If there is a change, we will alert our families and staff.    



Headmaster -  Cheryl Burdin

Elementary Principal -  Jason Zecca

Middle School Principal -  Markus Spotts

Office Administrator -  Kathi Wyant

Technology Director - Tawnya Whitehead

Athletic Director -  Riley O'Neal

Preschool Director - Jenny Ferrin

Student Ministries Director - Erik Petrovich


Coordinators &

Administrative Assistants

Kelly Aldridge, Volunteer and Events Coordinator

Amy Cecil, Athletic Office

Pat Chavez, Elementary Office and Supplies

Elizabeth Martin, Communications

Jennifer Mattetti, Middle School Office

Michele Popken, Technology

Cindi Stenroos, Middle School Office

Kate Stevenson, Middle School Office

Kelly VonGunten, Testing Coordinator 



David Skrabec, Head of Security 

Alonso Solomon, Security Guard


Preschool Teachers & Assistants

2-, 3- and 5-day Threes (AM)

Jenny Ferrin, Teacher

Kathleen McGrath, Assistant

Amy Norris,  Assistant



April Molle, Teacher

Sandra Ortiz, Assistant



Kendra White, Teacher

Fabiola Corzo, Assistant

Kathleen McGrath, Assistant


Preschool Enrichment

Jenny Ferrin, Teacher

Gretchen Frank, Assistant


Specials & Electives Teachers

Art & Art Elective - Denise Rossi

Band - Lisa Rosenthal

 Chapel Praise Band - Markus Spotts

Computer (K-7) - Sharon Zylstra

Chorus & Chapel Choir - Linda Doran

Drama - Terri Burrage

Media Center  - Terri Burrage

Music - Lisa Rosenthal

Physical Education - Sam Powers

Physical Education - Laura Grizzle

Physical Education - Clary Groenewold

Robotics - Tory Katterheinrich

Spanish & Spanish Elective - Wilma Zarikian

Video Productions - Tara Hrzich

Yearbook - Terri Burrage


 Early Bird & After-School Care

Lisa Mott, Early Bird

Jennifer Bonitatibus, Care Provider

Renee Caruso, Care Provider

Fabiolo Corzo, Care Provider

Sarah Findley, Care Provider

Sandra Ortiz, Care Provider

Dawna Piekos, Care Provider

Sandra Romadka, Care Provider

Mirian Tormey, Care Provider






Enriching Minds

   Engaging Hearts

Empowering Leaders

to Impact the World for Christ


SRCS School Board

Katherine Blum

Steve Brendle, Jr.

Aimee Brueck

Patrick Prater

Christopher Root

Michael Smagala



Main Office Staff

Sally Ryser, Reception

Diane DenBleyker, Bookkeeping

Mary Pat Smagala, Admissions

Vanessa Soto, Records and Printing


School Nurses

LuAnn DiSarle, R.N.

Alicia O'Connell, R.N.


Elementary Teachers & Assistants


Barbara VandenBerg, Teacher (KA)

Cindy Adams, Teacher (KB)

Jennifer Bonitatibus, Assistant (KA)

Laurie Durham, Assistant (KB)

Susan Manley, Assistant (KA)

Kelly Von Gunten, Assistant (KB)


First Grade

Laura Geisler, Teacher (1A)

Cassaundra Kenny, Teacher (1B)

Danielle Iovino, Assistant (1A)

Robin Krasner, Assistant (1A)

Filomena Ribeiro, Assistant (1B)

Janet Swann, Assistant (1B)


Second Grade

Jennifer Walck, Teacher (2A)

Jessenia Vazquez, Teacher (2B)

Jill Dagistino, Assistant (2A)

Sarah Findley, Assistant (2B)

Mirian Tormey, Assistant (2A)


Third Grade

Katherine Scharmann, Teacher (3A)

Patti Wells, Teacher (3B)

Jeanne Barrett, Assistant (3B)

Toni Beatty, Assistant (3B)

Lisa Mott, Assistant (3A)


Fourth Grade

Olivia Read, Teacher (4A)

Elizabeth Grady, Teacher (4B) 

Jeanne Barrett, Assistant (4A)

Dawna Piekos, Assistant (4B)

Sneha Rodriguez, Assistant (4A)


Fifth Grade

Tjwana Ferrin, Teacher (5A)

Hannah Petrovich, Teacher (5B)

Jennifer Bonitatibus, Assistant (5A)

Kristen Conway, Assistant (5A)

Polly Jackson, Assistant (5B)

Joy Kniskern, Assistant (5B)


Middle School Teachers

6A Homeroom - Christie Hudson

6B Homeroom - Paige Kniskern

7A Homeroom - Tara Hrzich

7B Homeroom - Laura Grizzle 

8A Homeroom - Shelley Geisler

8B Homeroom - Hope Bautz

Bible - Hope Bautz

Bible - Paige Kniskern

Bible - Riley O'Neal

English - Christie Hudson

English -Tara Hrzich

English - Erik Petrovich

Math - Rosalie Bruno

Math - Shelley Geisler

Math - Laura Grizzle

Math - Christie Hudson

Math - Troy Katterheinrich

Science - Joanne Cirisano

Science - Laura Grizzle

Social Studies - Shelley Geisler

Social Studies - Paige Kniskern

Social Studies - Hope Bautz

Writing Workshop - Tara Hrzich